Monday, January 11, 2010

Starbucks ramblings

This evening I am filled with excitement. The final two chapters of the 2nd draft are in progress. I've taken the time to write out bulleted items outlining the actions to occur in chronological order. Now I only need to go back and fill out the passages that correspond to the bullets. But it is much harder said than done.

The passage for my first item took nearly a page to write. I need to remember to focus on keeping exposition out of the passage - or at least limit it as much as possible. I don't really need it, with the amount of action that is happening in these chapters I can use dialog to convey more of the information. It is still difficult not to considering that I have been doing it for the past 165K words.

Today Starbucks introduced the full leaf teas. The 'Awake' tea is stronger in the full leaf style. I'm wondering if I could get the venti tea with a single tea bad and be charged only for the grande size. Damn Starbucks is trying to nickel and dime us to death.

I do really enjoy sitting at Starbucks though. It give me an opportunity to people watch. Today's Starbucks is the one in North Richland Hills on Pipeline. The weather is a bit warmer today so there are more people sitting outside than there has been in recent days. At the moment my largest oddity is the group that is sitting on the west side of the building. A thin black man with glasses and a goatee is strumming on a guitar. I say strumming because he will play a few chords then stop. There are two other people sitting at the table with him, but they are blocked from my field of view by a shelf of coffee. I know that the two are young white women, but can't tell anything more significant.

The man with the wolf-like dog just walked by. I have been coming to this Starbucks for a couple of years now - ever since I started playing at the orchestra. Every time I am here the man walks by with the dog. In the summer time he will stop in the store and get a cup of water, most of which he give to his dog. I say that the dog is wolf like, but it more than likely is a Siberian Husky - as skinny one. I wouldn't really know how to tell the difference between the two - especially at a distance. I may want to look into that somethime.

The group with the guitar grew by one memeber, another black man with a reggae do. I take that back it is two young black kids selling candy bars. Interesting - I didn't know that the store would allow it. That might be because the employees aren't looking in that direction. I am watching the crew as the two youths make the rounds of the store. I give a gentle nod - no. The youth continues on. They have made their rounds, selling a few bars, and have left. The crew never even noticed. Funny too. Now that I look at the boxes I realize that they are not selling the candy for a fund raiser. They are selling directly out a Crunch and Twix box. A box that you could purchase (or steal) from Sam's. How's that for being an entrepreneur.

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