Thursday, January 14, 2010

So the editing begins

It has been several days since I have done any blogging. Most of the time because I was writing. The roll was on so I wrote, and wrote, and wrote. The two chapter climax turned out to be three. Could it have been done in two - perhaps, but I like the way that I worked the chapters out.

The first of the climactic chapter provided the action. Essentially the best laid plans blowing up infront of the characters faces. Nothing worked the way ANY of them wanted. The second of the three focused on the main character's pivtol break down. A character can not have a massive change unless something cataclysmic happens. That was the second of the three. The third chapter is the rebirth of the main character. The epiphany. The realization that there is something more out to the character's destiny than they would have ever dreamed.

Hey it worked pretty well. I am happy with the climax. I am even more pleased that I have acheived all the objectives that a good climax should have. I may have done more exposition than I should have, but I'll let the readers tell me that. Which brings me to the next step.

I had decided early on in the rewrite to use the final two chapters from the original draft. However, I need to read over the chapters to make sure that I didn't miss anything because of the changes that I had made from the original draft. I already I need to make mention of one thing in the last chapter, but a one line comment would suffice for that.  While I am reading the last two chapters I'll go ahead and edit them as well.

While editing I need to focus on working on the sentence structure, spelling, tenses, and basic grammar. I don't want to wind up rewriting entire sections - like I just got finished doing. No. The objective is just to only do enough to make the story flow easier and convey the story - without essential errors.

While I am doing this I will be compiling the entire book into a single pdf file. I will then email the file to my "readers". The readers are people that have volunteered to read the book and provide me suggestions and comments on the story. I will have a few editors helping me correct my spelling and grammar, but that is not the objective of the reader. I want the reader to go through the story - from cover to cover - as a real reader would and tell me where I need to make improvements.

Interested in being a reader?

Send me an email...

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