Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Resuffle madness

Life is slowly returning to normal from the holidays and wedding. I am trying to focus my free time on completing book. The estimates show that I am just over 12K words from completion. That is still a large number of words, but considering the end result is 172K, a measly 12K is a drop in the bucket. I wonder if 160K words is enough for a story and I am confident that 150K was enough. But this story demands more. I must continue until I am satisfied.

Chapter 32 is proving to be interesting in the manner in which I have been creating it. I began the Chapter with the understanding of what needed to be accomplished. It is a combination of segments from two scenes in my first draft. However, with the desire to increase tempo and do the climax of the book justice I have combined the concept into one chapter, but I am using it from different POVs - a lot of them. But that is not what is uique about writing this chapter.

I started with the key elements I wrote in my first draft. Key conversations and instrumental actions. In the chapter I wrote the passages in the order that they would occur. I then left a line space between the passages. From there I was able to go back and expand on the passages that I had a clearer vision on what would transpire. Doing it this was I was able to actually write out the end of the chapter before really having a beginning or middle. Knowing the ending my job is to get the cast from their point in the beginning of the chapter to what has to be the end of the chapter. Do I know everything that will happen? No. But it must happen.

Now I wonder if I have written myself into a corner...

Honestly, I don't see it being an issue. My concern at the moment is determining if I have too many POVs and if the shifts are occurring at resonable points.

Thought popped into my brain as I write this... I have noticed that I as I write more I am finding ways of eliminating adjetives from my passages. I'm not sure if this is something that I have read somewhere or something that has progressed naturally over the course of writing 250K (90K from first draft + 160K from this draft). I'll have to pay more attention to that as I move forward.

I'll add that to the list of other things I am avoiding, such as starting a sentence with an 'ing' word or 'It was'. I also have stricken certain words from my vocabulary - such as 'just', 'something', 'and', 'probably', 'no doubt'. Just to name a few.

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