Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Last night was night full of small lessons. The first of which was that it is exceedingly important to bring ones laptop charger when when one plans on having extended writing sessions at local Starbucks. Seeing how I had failed to learn this lesson prior to last evening I found myself stranded without my laptop and over an hour to go before having to show to my rehearsal with the orchestra. Bored and not wanting to remain idle I ventured into the local Barnes & Noble to check out the works of those that have come before me. I am utterly convinced that my book will sit upon the shelves with Patricia Briggs, Anne McCaffery, and Doulgas Adams. It was then that I learned my second lesson. My book will be placed upon the others only if I have the determination and dedication.

I believe that it is the determination and dedication that creates published writers. Looking through many of the books on those shelves I see that my work is on par if not better than some of the works there. The only reason they have their books on the shelves and I don't is because I have not finished yet. I must remained determined and not give up on myself or falter in my faith that I am at least a good a writer as those already published.

I also came to another realization while browsing the Science Fiction/Fantasy - Young Adult shelves. The first is that every Dark Fantasy novel deals with the same concept - Werewolves, Demons, or Vampires. I think that in that respect I have a leg up - having a Dark Fantasy novel that does not deal in those areas. Secondly, and more depressing is that most main characters are female. I can conclude two theories from that. The first is that until recently most heroes were male, so now it seems that the market is flooded with female leads. I theorize that it is because that doing so appeals to the largest demographic of readers - young females. I am hoping that this will mean that there is a good demand for the book that I am writing.

We shall see, but first I got to finish it!

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