Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Climactical Chapters

I've finally come to that point in the book that all the pieces must fit together. That scene the is the culmination of all the efforts of the characters in the book. The point that all the best laid plans come tumbling down. The climax of the story is also the breaking of the novel.

A well written climax will give the reader the satisfaction from staying with the story throughout the hard parts of the book. A well written climax will give the reader the a sense of completion, as if the whole thing was worth it. The climax can also be used to snag the reader into coming back for more, like a thrill ride. If the ride is good there is desire to do it all over again.

This is especially useful if there are going to be more than one book, as I plan on writing. There is so much that rides on the climax chapters. No pressure huh?

I think that I have a good outline for the climax. I have a good vision of the choreography. So I'm thinking that it willl work out well. But as I write this I come to a realization.

Of all the books I have read, they all say that the climactical chapters are important; but none really talk about the archeticture of the climax. For example, there have been books writeen on the opening of a scene or the opening of the book. They have examples, guidlines, and what-not-to-do. There are books written on all othe aspects of the book; dialog, expositions, plots, etc. But the only thing said on the climax is that it is important.

So what are the guidlines of writing a climax? The only thing that I have to go off of is what I like about climax chapters. I seem to really enjoy climax chapters that are filled with actions and movements. Expositions should be kept to minimum, hopefully I have set most of motives in the chapters leading up to the climax. Now is a time for action. I also like climax scenes that are fast past. This will mean brief passages from multiple angles.

I think I have those angles covered. I'll write out an outline a the begining of the chapter that flows with what I wrote in the first draft. I can then use that to keep me on track for these two chapters. Once these are done, I am finished. The final two chapters of the novel I'll use the first draft manuscripts.

It's so close to being done I can taste it...

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