Monday, January 4, 2010

Chapter 32 Rambling

Chapter 32 may be taken from one or two POVs. The thought is that it’ll start with Emily move to the Queen of Hearts. Then end with Emily. However, I might take the whole scene from Emily’s POV. The advantage of doing the chapter from two POVs is to quicken the pace of the story at this point. The reader is just coming from a 12 page chapter with the Queen. Granted that I might reduce Chapter 31 a bit by removing transistions and use line breaks between locations. It's still a long chapter and breaking this chapter up might be advantageous. Another possiblity is to take the second POV from either the April Hare or Beth, neither of which have really been heard of since the early chapters.

Thinking about April and Beth leads me to think that doing the chapter from their perspective would not be so bad. In fact doing it from all three perspectives would be beneficial. Start with Beth and her impression of the Queen, then move to April, and ending it off with Emily as she is being sentenced to death. Or go from Beth to Emily then to April.

The order at the moment is not really important, but I think that I just decided on a major factor to writing the chapter. Using the three perspectives. Moving from POVs while running the time line will help increase the tension as well as the pace. This will also give more greater freedom to jump around in chapter 33 (and possibly a new 34).

As for Chapter 33 - oringinally "the party crasher" I've nearly settled up breaking that into two chapters as well. There is too much happening in that chapter to be only one. It'll mean that I'll end up with 36 total chpaters, but that isn't too bad.

I am so close to finishing the book - or at least the second draft. There are several areas that I need to do revisions on, but I don't think that a major revision as I am doing now will be required. Editing though - that is a different story. I have been told even though I have tried to be conscious of it, I am still lapsing into present tense while writing. A bad habit of mine. But the fact is that I am nearly complete - 94.57% complete according to my estimation. (Yes, I know, I'm OCD. Bite me.)

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