Sunday, March 21, 2010

Taking a Break

Every so often writer's must take a break from editing, writing, and reading. I think that I am in one of those moods. For the past few days I haven't looked at the book at all. This isn't the first time. Over the past few years that I have been working on RABBIT SLAYER I have found myself in what I call a "writing rut". I'm just not in the mood to pull up the book or to do work on it.

It's not a bad thing I think. Forcing myself to work on the book in these moods will only create bad writing. I need to have a polished book at this point, not half-assed work. Polished work is going to sell my book. So I can't force myself into editing mode.

So I have been reading up on writing, visiting QueryTracker, and looking into online critique groups. Not sure how critique groups work, but the itdea is intriguing. I have been working with a person from England that has been very helpful. I think with some others the both of our writings can improve.


  1. I took a break for a few days a couple weeks ago and it made me feel so much better when I sat back down at my computer to look at my book. Even more amazing, I didn't get that sick-feeling in my stomach looking at my query. Breaks are good. I suspect more people just take a break from time to time.

  2. I get where you are coming from. It's hard to edit when you are in the mood to highlight the entire chapter and hit the delete button. If I take a break my MS was always at the back of my mind and I jot down ideas in my phone or note book. I guess I just can't turn my brain off. lol.