Sunday, March 7, 2010

A break in the madness

Sunday morning and I have about an hour to myself. It has been quite a hectic week for me. Why does it always seem like life wants to intefere with my writing (or rather, editing). Oh the woes of the writer. So what else has been going on with me? Well let's see.

I finished the book "I Am Ozzy". I had to read this book because it's Ozzy. Granted that he utilizes a ghost writer, but it really has the "Ozzy" feel to the prose. I can easily picture Ozzy sitting in front of a mike talking about his life, Sharon translating what he said, and Chris transposing it to word. The book has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever read. It's great to see all the 'rumors' put to rest with Ozzy's own account of what has happened - no holes barred. If you don't get offended easily, its a must read.

I have also been reading "The First Five Pages", by Noah Lukeman. An excellent book on how an agent sorts through the massive amounts of manuscripts they see each week - and how to get passed the cuts. There are a lot of good suggestions in the book - even if the writing is a bit dry.

Oh and I did go see Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" movie yesterday with my daughter. I love being able to have an intelligent conversation with my 16 year-old on the merits of a movie. She felt that the story line was weak and relied too heavily on the special effects. However, she did like the reference to the books that was played on throughout the movie. I'd have to agree with her for the most part. I'm still not happy with the over use of the "nonsense" talk as Carroll used in the book. I'm also amazed that they can make an entire movie based on the short nonsense poem that Carroll put in "Through the looking glass". Burton's imagery is outstanding - as in most of his movies - and the plot is fairly straight forward.

So here I talk about life getting in the way of my writing, but I have time to read and see a movie. Sounds fishy right? Wrong. All my work is on a computer, which means I got to get to my laptop, power it up, and connect to the internet (to access my files). Something that takes time, space, and an ISP. Unfortantely I don't always have that luxury, but it's fairly simple to bring a book and get in a few pages while idle.

But today will be the last of the packed days for a while, so I can get back to editing RABBIT SLAYER. I have gotten up to Chapter 16 - and its open right now, staring at me, calling my name. This was an added chapter so I am still debating on its inclusion to the final MS. It does develop the connection between Emily and Dinah and it serves to get Emily to Wonderland. A critical point. So I guess I keep it, but slim it down.



  1. So were the first five pages of "The First Five Pages" dry? Just wondering ;)

  2. Actually the first five pages of "The First Five Pages" did set the tone. Dry and straight forward.