Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Mad Hatter

Wow, look at that I now have six gracious followers to my blog. I wonder if I now need to come up with some clever words to entertain and keep them. Nah. I'll continue writing as I have since I started this a few months ago. But the question today is what to write?

I'm still creeping along with the editing down of my manuscript. The first 56K words was a cinch really. Cut this chapter or that one and before I know it there goes the prose. It really is a shame though to see them filed away in the "trash" folder. There is quite a lot that the reader is going to be missing out by my deleting those scenes. I am seriously consider creating a companion story that will run parallel to Rabbit Slayer. It might actually be more interesting to see the story behind the "anti-hero" of the Rabbit Slayer - the Mad Hatter. In my thought he really isn't all "bad" he's just a bit touched, but his heart is kinda in the right place - right next to his two livers and the singe kidney.

You know it wasn't right what the other suits had done to his family. It was quite a shame and to go through life knowing that you are the sole remaining survior of your blood line has got to be difficult, so its no wonder that he gets a bit obsessed at times. Seriously, there is all sorts of germs climbing around people, and some are placed there quite not be accident. He still remembers the horrid green look on his Da's face as the poision ate away at his innards. Quite gruesome, even for the Hatter. And to top it all off he had to learn a trade, like any commoner. A hatter no less. Could he be blamed for being mad with the tannum and dyes seeping into his brain as a youth?

Then there is the imp that had taken residence in his head sometime after he begun his apprenticeship. At first it was only a small voice that spoke to him in times of great emotion. By the time he had advanced to a master hatter the imp had a full personality unto itself. If it hadn't been for the imp Time would still be in control. But the imp was selfish and had taken over the hatter imprisioning Time. The Hatter has tried countless times to find out where the imp imprisoned, but he won't say.

So in all the Hatter, though mad - isn't such a bad guy after all. He just wants returned to him what is rightfully his. And so what if a few commoners are killed along the way. In the end it really doesn't matter only family matters.

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