Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Warm ups? For writing?

Not long ago while reading one of the many books on the subject of writing I was introduced to the concept of warming up. The idea is that prior to writing you start on a white sheet of paper and begin writing. What you wrote was not as important as the act of writing. The tip goes further that the writing exercise should be written as quickly as the thoughts came to mind and as fast as the fingers could translate the thoughts to words. Well, I have not really done this to any extent prior to yesterday. I decided to give it a try, the result of my ramblings was yesterday's post.

After finishing the post I moved on to writing in Chapter 29. I was quite amazed how easily the thoughts flowed, how easily the words came, how easily the story evolved. At one point I stopped mid-point in one scene and jumped ahead two scenes later - and mid way through that scene I might add - to complete the idea that I had on the original scene. It was quite an intense moment as I felt myself transported into the scene of my creation. I could vividly see the scene as it transpired before me. Then a new idea struck my crawl. To see if the idea would work in the scene I fast-forwarded and lo-and-behold the idea worked.

Prior to completing either scene my daughter called. My daughter never calls - unless... well... you get the idea. But she just wanted to talk. Wow! I savored each and every word as she talked. I will say one thing about writing. I've read and heard of many a writer that sacrafices time with family to work. I really don't want to be a writer that puts the story ahead of my family. Besides this novel IS for my family. It IS for my daughter. I will not sacrafice quality time with family to work on the book.

Now I say this while the first book is not finished and I don't have deadlines from publishers for the next installment. But if that was the case it would be a job wouldn't it? I would be getting paid? Nope - I'll sacrafice other things before I'll sacrafice the quality time with family. But I'll squeeze it in where and when I can.

So tonight's goal is to finish at least another of the four scenes in Chapter 29. As I stated earlier the second scene of the chapter is already wrapped up. I got two others in process. Let's see if I can finish both, but I'll be happy with one completed.

I wonder at what point writing for fun becomes an obessession.

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