Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Life or obstacles

Like most things in life, projects are put on hold by little things called 'life'. In my case it is not so little. There is much going on in my life which requires my attention, but I am determined to find an hour here and there to contribute to the story. This tactic may reduce the effectiveness of each entry, and I fear, will have a tendency to make a scene look fractured. This may be because it literally is. Each time I sit down to write my mind may be and usually is in a different state. The result is like having several people write the scene one taking over where the other left off. I'm hoping that during my editing and the editing by others I'll be able to parse the pieces together into a seamless story flow. Sounds easier on paper than it is in practice.

I did finish one scene last night as I had hoped to have done. I have also completed most of the third scene of the chapter. Will I be able to complete the third scene today with all that has to be done, well that remains to be seen. The scene is working out well, nearly what I had expected or wanted it to be. As for the fourth scene, I have not even looked much at it.

Tomorrow I travel to FL. That means a two hour plane ride. I hope that I'll be able to get my mind into the story to work on finishing chapter 29. If I can do that then I can work on editing the next chapter 'Pepper'. I'm going to use most of the chapter as I wrote it in the first draft, all I need to do is some editing. That'll be an easy 12 pages. Then it'll be on to the two climatic chapters.

That will be a major challenge!

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