Monday, December 14, 2009

And so it goes on...

One thing that I have learned from writing this novel is patience. It is now over two years since I started this project. It started off to be such a nice short piece. An easy 90 pages. Sometimes it's even difficult for me to grasp this epic adventure I am on. But everything I have read on the subject - and trust me I have read thousands of pages - the reoccurring theme is that a writer must have patience - and persevarence.

Oh hell, I just realized that this blog stuff doesn't have spell check.

I'm doomed.

Well I have Chapter 29 open at the moment. It's sitting there, taunting me, calling me names. It intimidates me, but I know that, like every other chapter before it, when I conqure it I will feel the accomplishment. Enthusiasm like no other is what is felt when I finally finish a chapter.

But I have to write to finish. I have to get in there, get into the mind of the characters (not an easy task let me tell you), I have to fight through my own mental blocks. Write is the advice that I get from all the writing books. Write as much as you can, all the time, whenever possible, on any subject. So here I am, writing in a blog that will probably never get a reader, but I am writing. It is my warm up.

On to the story now. I have already completed the scene with the Mad Hatter and Emily. I feel good about how it turned out. I have three more sections to write in the chapter. Each section - scene - is uniquely different from each other, so I am not having to worry about seques. My biggest problem is that each of these new sections have little to no dialogue. Dialogue is a tool that helps keep the story moving. Not having dialoge now means that I must create keep the story moving with action. Creating movements, action, can be complicated unless you have a vivid image in your mind on what is happening. Problem here is that I really don't.

So why not leave them out?

Well that is a good question. In the first draft I found gaps in why a character did what he or she did - or how he or she got to a certain place. Some gaps are okay. Allow the reader to fill them in. And I do use this strategy at the end of the story - big time, but here it won't work. I also can't use exposition this late into the book - talk about anticlimatic. So I must convey motivation through action.

Good luck to me. Time to write.

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