Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Queen of Hearts

Truth be told I am the most powerful Queen in all of Wonderland. So why should I have to stoop so low as to create a synopsis of myself. Honestly, who would not know me? But on the gentle persuassions of our author I am inclined to acquiesce to his request. Still, I am apalled to learn that the subjects of your realm do not know enough about me. Seriously, I would have their heads for not knowing.

I have been the Queen of Hearts longer than memory serves. Long ago I learned to be a just, but stern Queen. Consistancy is the key to ruling. Every subject of the realm are held to the same standard, regardless of their station. Ask any of my former Kings. Scandals are not tolerated, no matter how pleasing they are to the eye. I'll have the heads of any scandalous vermin.

What? The author asks that I talk more about me personally.

Like what? My favorite hobbies, likes, and dislikes?

Fine. I dislike scandals. I dislike treachery. I shall have heads!

My likes? Fine... I like to have the heads of trators, blasphemers, and those that dare to upset the Queen.

Other than beheading? Well I like being the most popular Queen of Wonderland. I enjoy presenting myself amongst the commoners and the court favorites. The look of envy in the eyes of women that behold me is most exotic. The look of lust within the eyes of men that want me sets my blood tingling. Why else would I subject myself to the hours of preparation? Presentation is everything. Any person can be ruled by lust or fear. Those that do not lust - must fear. All others - Off with their heads.

I tire of this questioning. The author has lied. This has been no fun. Where did he go?
Find him!
Off with his head!

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