Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year

Wow - its been July since I posted here. Much happened in my life, but the book sits idle.

Alice Chronicles is an series wanting to be written, but I'm plagued with doubts and uncertainty considering Rabbit Slayer has not moved. One agent has the manuscript and comments that it is on her "shortlist". Until I get a phone call with an offer of representation nothing is done. Hopes and dreams remain as such.

In the latter part of the year I did join the local Writer's Workshop group. Prior to sending my manuscript to the agent I read the first chapter to the group. The beating I took was horrid. I almost didn't send the manuscript in due to the scathing reviews received. During the break a local writer and publisher offered some advice to me. Based on her suggestions I've decided to rewrite the opening sequence for RS.

The objectives of the chapter will not change nor will the end result. But the setting will be drastically different. I also plan on cranking up the suspense and emotions that will result in Emily's guilt being more genuine and endearing to the reader. I have completed the outline and will begin working on the three parts today.

Oh and in other news - I crossed over and bought a MacBook Pro. Why I never went Mac before is now unknown to me. I love the computer and the intuitive operating system. Not to mention I purchased a software called Scrivener. In my opinion the package is beyond any other writing software available today. I have imported all my ideas into Scrivener and have been working on learning the software. I just hope it helps me write better.

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