Thursday, July 29, 2010

Days Continue

More days continue with more work to do in less time, more rejections on the book, and life sucking more out of me than I really want to give. I keep thinking that there is an end to all the madness at some point. An end that doesn't entell death. Hehehe... Yeah I'm morbid. Did I mention that I used to write macbre and horror in my youth. Perhaps that is why my mother never read anything I wrote... Go figure.

I've slacked off the writing for a few days while the air conditioning is restored to the house. Not that I am actually writing/editing in the house, but after spending hours in a hot house in the middle of summer I'm not really in the mood to write outstanding prose.

The air is fixed and I am in a better mood - now I'm just wondering where that outstanding prose is lurking. I've decided to visit my local Starbucks establishment for a bit of inspiration and an infusion of activity. And would you believe - its not an ice box today. Well think I'll sign off from blogging so that I can focus on the writing.

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