Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Itch to Write

The long weekend is over and I'm back at work. Even though its a short week I'm dreading the Monday(ish) blues. But I'm not here to write about this upcoming week, instead, I'd like to reflect on the past weekend and the itch to write.

I've stayed out of the RABBIT SLAYER for nearly two weeks with only an occassional edit here and there as I get trickles of feedback from beta readers. My mind has drifted over what to write next. I have thought about the next step in Emily's life and I have thought about the history of the Alice Legacy. I want to start the next book (even if this one doesn't sell). The only question is where to go.

I feel that a writer must write what he or she feels most passionate about. If that is the case then I write the beginning of the Alice Legacy, but I was wanting to release that story last. I could always venture to one of the 4 other story ideas I have.

I wonder - how does other writers decide what to write next when they get the itch to write?

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